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Three Alternative Medicines That Can Help You Improve Your Life

People’s distrust on big pharmaceutical companies grows every year. The skeptics label that phenomenon as just another hype in the conspiracy mindset, while the believers go straight into the market and consume the substances that they think can cure them. Even though the FDA and other medical watchdogs around the world seem to be reluctant to update their terms, we should reflect our thought on how changes have happened towards marijuana criminalization. In brief, the authorities can make mistakes. And if you want to experiment a bit with your health, then it’s your right.

In this occasion, we’ll learn three alternative medicines that can help the users to improve their lives. But remember, proceed with caution, and all consequences are on you.


Kratom gained popularity in the black market first. If you’re an avid Internet enthusiast, you should know about Silk Road in the Deepweb and such. Kratom used to be the hot item there until cannabis legalization took the headlines. Since many countries were not aware of the potential of Kratom, there was no regulation about it. Today, you should check if any products made from Kratom are legal in your state.

When it comes to the benefits, Kratom is used mainly to relieve pain, but it has been reported to improve digestive ailments too. People who suffer from anxiety and depression can also feel relief when taking the substance. Besides, it is relatively an affordable solution to those issues because, if legalized, we can plant Kratom in our yards and make use of it without depending on the big pharma.


cannabis in pillsIf marijuana is legal in your place, then you are blessed! If you are not that lucky, you still have the chances to feel the benefit of the cannabis decriminalization trend. The THC compound in the plant causes the psychoactive property of cannabis, while the CBD is purely therapeutic. Therefore, if your local law only criminalizes the psychoactive trait of marijuana, in theory, you can enjoy CBD products without any trouble. Besides, you don’t need to attract unnecessary attention to consume CBD. It comes in pills, tinctures, and even candies. Take some drops or pills before your important business presentation, and you shall be at your best condition.

Cannabis is similar to Kratom, but it is way more potent and less harmful. Kratom users show withdrawal syndromes when they stop the consumption, while the same case has never occurred with cannabis. Besides, Kratom has not been developed like cannabis in terms of its psychoactive property.


protein supplementSARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. In layman’s term, you can understand this drug as a physical fitness enhancer. However, if compared to anabolic steroids, SARMs target specific parts of our body, such as bones and muscles. Steroids, on the other hand, affect vital organs (i.e., testicles, heart, kidneys, and liver) that have nothing to do with physical enhancement. In other words, SARMs are less harmful than steroids.

Besides, if you microdose SARMs and be disciplined about it, you can reap all the benefits without taking any impairing damages. Your physical strength can grow more than 50% of your current stage, and so do your muscles. Now, that’s what we call as a miracle drug, isn’t it?