Actions to fight climate change

Climate change is one thing that is as a result of our actions. What we do affects the climate which makes it change for the worst. Despite numerous calls by the global movements and organizations to do with climate, it is up to every individual to make choices that will help stop the climate change. bulb

Actions to fight climate change

Saving energy

This is also a great way of fighting climate change. One should always ensure that their appliances are never on standby when not being used. One should make a habit of switching the appliances off when not in use. This ends up saving the world energy, and even people will save more on costs.

Use the three Rs

The three Rs stand for reducing, reuse and recycle. Reduce is all about less but effective consumption. Reuse is about giving items that one does not use a second chance to be used. One will be saving money. Alternatively, they can find people to do barter trade with so that the items are reused. Lastly, recycling involves reducing the amount of garbage by using the packages and electronic waste for other alternative uses.

Eating low carbon

Smart consumption of food has food with low carbon. This involves reducing meat consumption but increasing the intake of fruits and veggies. One should also eat the local foods that are in season. Eating the local foods means that we will be championing reduction of emissions since there will be no need for transporting food for long distances for it to get to the consumer. People should also avoid processed foods.

Reducing emissions

ice berg Most of the climate changes are as a result of emissions from the vehicles we use. One should choose by using their car less often. Instead of each using their car, we should opt to use public transport to reduce the number of vehicles being used. Alternatively, people should use other means like bicycles for transport. For long distances, people should use trains as opposed to airplanes since they emit more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When using a vehicle, speeding increases the carbon dioxide emissions as well.

Acting against forest loss

Forests play a major role in making our climate better. Every action should be put in place to ensure our forests are protected. Avoid forest losses by ensuring that we do not champion forest fires by throwing cigarette butts or not putting out properly camping fires. We can also champion for planting trees. They help absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and emit fresh air for us to enjoy.

Work with the government

The people should work together with the government towards coming up with policies to that will make use renewable energy, labeling products to help in specifying their origin, promotion of the use of alternative means of transport and ensure proper policies govern waste management in the big cities. Every individual has the power to make a change if we allow ourselves to think globally but act locally.…