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Dental Bridge

Different Types And Benefits Of The Dental Bridge

Our appearance is what makes us confident. This is why when one’s teeth are not at their best makes them lose their confidence. This is also applicable to people who have lost their teeth maybe accidentally or as a result of a disease.

Thanks to the invention of dental bridges one does not have to lose their confidence. Dental bridges are meant to fill the gap left behind by fallen teeth. The crowns are placed on either side of the gap. Abutments teeth as they are called are the teeth found on either side of the gap. They are used to hold the bridge in position. The bridge is made after the dentist creates a mold of one’s teeth. After that, a pontic is placed in the gap and is supported by the abutments teeth. In this piece, we look at the types and benefits of the dental bridge.

Types Of Bridges

Traditional Bridgedental

This is the most common form of a dental bridge. For this kind of bridge, a crown is put on the two sides of the missing tooth to hold the replacement tooth in place.

Cantilever bridge

It is mostly used when there is only one tooth on the side of the tooth that is missing. The fake teeth are merged with crowns connecting to the natural teeth of the patient on the one hand.

Maryland Bonded Bridge

Two wings connecting to a pontic are bound to the back of the natural teeth on both parties. Benefits of dental bridges Permanent These bridges are permanent in nature. This aspect makes them durable also Some patients have them for their whole lifetime. Afford-ability When compared to other dental implants, bridges are affordable. They are notably cheaper when several teeth need replacement. Improvement of appearance The main work of dental bridges is to fill gaps of missing teeth. More to that, they improve one’s appearance by giving them a smile which looks so natural as if one has their original natural teeth. Preventive measure The fact that one has dental bridges put in the dental caremouth; it is a preventive measure for developing the TMJ disorder, periodontal disease, bone loss among many others.

Dental implants may require six visits to complete the process. On the other hand dental bridges just need two visits, and one is done.

It is time for one to bring back your confidence by having the dental bridges. One can visit a dentist and find out whether having them is the best decision for their teeth.