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Signs That It Is Time To Buy A New Mattress

A good nights sleep is priceless. Nothing can be compared to getting that much-required rest at night. However, that can only be done when you are in total comfort, which of course comes with sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Not all mattresses are created equal. The high-end mattresses are famous for taking care of your body as you rest and that is the key reason you should invest heavily in a good mattress. The bad news is that even high-quality mattresses will wear out after a decade, sometimes sooner.

Telltale signs that its time to buy a new mattress

Neck or back pain after waking up

back massage If you have ever experienced neck or back pain after waking up, then you should know that your mattress is worn out. If you don’t take immediate action, your old mattress can cause you severe health complications. Change your bed otherwise; you will worsen your back or neck pain. Buying a good mattress is important but hard thing to make a decision on considering the availability of many mattresses in the market. Don’t worry there is a review site that has the best guide we’ve found when it comes to memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses and other bed products.

You rise with stiffness

The chances are that your body gets support from certain parts of your mattress whereas other parts are are sagging or are broken. The only solution for eliminating the stiffness is getting a new bed.

Sagging areas

If you have an old mattress, then you should consider getting a new one. On the flipside, if you notice dips on the mattress or sags in the middle or along its sides then know its time to replace your mattress.


Sometimes your lifestyle can make your mattress to wear out quickly. The chances are that you might be spending lots of time sitting, reading a book, working on your laptop, sleeping just to mention a few. Buy a new mattress and change some of your habits that make your mattress old.

Tossing and turning all night

If you and your spouse are tossing and turning all night, then the chances are that your mattress is not giving the support like its supposed. So consider changing it immediately.

Dip in the middle

If you happen to notice that your mattress is giving in to wear and tear or probably has a drop at the center, then you know its time to change. This will ensure that you get a good nights sleep.

You wake up at night

Another thing that makes you need to replace your is when you wake up frequently at night. You are obviously not comfortable which is why you lack sleep.sleeping on bed

You start feeling the springs

A very visible sign that indicates that your mattress is worn out or degraded and needs replacement is when you start feeling those springs on your body.

You feel comfortable on the couch than your bed

If you happen to feel comfortable sleeping on your couch than your bed, then know that something is amiss and it’s time to replace your mattress.